"Life creates the conditions that sustain life"


The purpose of the Biomimicry Institute is to naturalize biomimicry in the culture by promoting the transfer of ideas, designs, and strategies from biology to sustainable human systems design.



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about biomimicry

Premiered SXSW ECO 2015


Biomimicry is a 20-minute film featuring Janine Benyus.  It premiered at SXSWEco to a standing ovation and is now being screened around the world in theaters.   Biomimicry, the practice of looking deeply into nature for solutions to engineering, design and other challenges, has inspired a film about it's ground-breaking vision for creating a long-term, sustainable world. This film covers how mimicking nature solves some of our most pressing problems, from reducing carbon emissions to saving water; and gives Janine the space to explain these subtle yet powerful solutions.  The 20-minute film, titled Biomimicry features Janine Benyus, is brought to you by Leonardo DiCaprio, Executive Producer Oliver Stanton, and directed by Leila Conners, produced by Mathew Schmid and Bryony Schwan, with Executive Producers Roee Sharon Peled and George DiCaprio.  For more information on Biomimicry:


Featuring Janine Benyus
Brought to you by Leonardo DiCaprio
Executive Producer Oliver Stanton
Directed by Leila Conners
Produced by Mathew Schmid and Bryony Schwan
Executive Producers Roee Sharon Peled and George DiCaprio


about the promise of biomimicry

the promise of biomimicry

We are all looking for hope for a sustainable future. We believe biomimicry presents a way to connect with the natural world and learn from its wisdom to better design forms, processes, and systems that are inherently regenerative. In this new film, co-founder Janine Benyus walks us through the emerging discipline, and we meet up-and-coming companies who are working to bring their innovation to market. Presented by Janine Benyus and with Ray C. Anderson Prize and Lauchpad participants from around the world.   With John Lanier. 


Featuring Janine Benyus
Directed by Leila Conners
Produced by Mathew Schmid
Cinematography by Harun Mehmedinovíc
Edited by Leila Conners
Executive Director Biomimicry Institute Beth Rattner
Producers from Biomimicry Institute Erin Connelly and Meghan Madden

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