Charlie Blair, co-founder and managing director of Gravitricity walks us through the ingenious solution to energy grid storage based on weights and gravity. Gravitricity will become part of the world's toolbox of solutions when transitioning to 100% renewable energy.

The Signal in the Noise

3.27.2021 - 4.03.2021

Diane Young Kim of the USC Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island, California, walks us through the work on growing kelp on "kelp elevators" thus increasing their biomass, thus solving the "kelp to fuel supply chain."  Rather than digging up ancient sunlight, this is a fuel created from current sunlight.

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In this discussion with Leila Conners, Jane Davidson tells the story of how one small nation responded to global climate issues by radically rethinking public policy for future generations. Based on her new book, #futuregen. In #futuregen, Jane Davidson explains how, as Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing in Wales, she proposed the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015—the first piece of legislation on Earth to place regenerative and sustainable practice at the heart of government. Unparalleled in its scope and vision, the Act connects environmental and social health and looks to solve complex issues such as poverty, education and unemployment.

Jason Box, of the Danish Geological Survey and expert on Greenland and the Arctic, talks about how he is dealing with loss and destruction by turning to meditation and yoga and also by reframing the human conversation.

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Jason Box practicing Vriksasana on Greenland


Davon Lavor asks the question: What can successful black people do for black communities who are confronted with poverty, lack of access, gangs and drugs? This conversation moves through the work of Nipsey Hussle and Jim Brown and ends up with an inspiring call to action.

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Written and presented by Mathew Schmid, join us in our deep dive into the Cosmos of our 12 Human Senses: Touch, Life, Self Motion, Balance, Smell, Taste, Sight, Warmth, Hearing, Word & Language, Thought & Concept, Self & "I". Sit back and enjoy this timely exploration and learn surprising connections between our senses and the world around us.

Mary discusses the clash between theory and reality when it comes to efforts in ending poverty. In her assessment all but the 1% are at risk but there are enormous opportunities in creating a successful movement that contends with authoritarian powers.

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N2K has launched a new section called KNOW THYSELF. Here we will explore varied experiences on journeys to self-awareness, self-realization and sexual identity with an eye to taking responsibility for one's ecosystem of thought. In our first episode, we discuss Stephan McGuire's very personal journey within the Jehovah's Witnesses, how he discovered the strength to leave what he now deems a cult, and how he draws parallels to what he sees as similar thought control patterns throughout our societies. Watch, then please join in the conversations with Stephan on our discussion boards, and even take action helping others negotiate and leave what are called "high-control groups." Given the assault on the US Capitol, this discussion is very much resonant.

For 2021 we thought it a good idea to envision what a brand new governing document would look like, one that reflecting the progressive values that many are working towards. To this end we've drafted and are proposing to “crowdsource” a new U.S. Constitution with a new Preamble and Bill of Rights to get us started. Our draft Bill of Rights will recognize the rights of nature, local democratic authority in our cities, towns and counties to advance local laws towards clean air and clean water, and would eliminate the electoral college. Years in the making this draft is intended as a starting point to be built brick-by-brick, by those most invested in changing the US Constitution, so that it supports the paradigm-shift needed for our nation.


Hopi have lived in the canyon lands of southwestern United States for millennia. As such their perspective is grounded in an ancient and deep observation of humanity. This discussion with Thomas Banyacya, Jr., and Leila Conners and Harun Mehmedinovic of Tree Media, was conducted on location at the rim of Canyon de Chelly in northwestern Arizona.