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Discussion on Democracy in America with Thomas Linzey ongoing in Democracy Group,  Oct 12 - Dec 5

  • Newest Need to Know

    Current cutting through the noise.

  • Climate Disruption

    Confronting climate disruption with current science and solutions.

  • Democracy & Rights

    We've lost democracy,here's how you create it, get it back.

  • Black Culture Now

    Justice Reparations Now

  • Biomimicry

    Nature has been evolving for billions of years, maybe we should look to nature for solutions.

  • First Nations

    First Nations have a message for us, here is the first wave. Starting with the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois).

  • Witness

    Continue to shine the light on communities recovering from catastrophes.

  • Unconditional Basic Income

    Deep dive on Universal Basic Income; it's dynamics and what it solves.

  • Pollinators

    Pollinators are under pressure, this is how we save them, and ourselves.

  • Resilience

    When everything collapses, people come together and create the world we all want to live in.

  • Night Skies

    Reconnecting you to the cosmos by turning off the lights.

  • The New Agriculture

    We can heal the world through agriculture, going back to our roots.

  • Waging Peace

    How to create a world at peace & understanding international power relations.

  • Sustainable Fashion

    How fashion can be part of the solutions, not the problem.

  • Prism

    Interviews and discussions by Leila Conners with people who are innovating and envisioning the new world that works.

  • Earth Systems

    The magic and power of planet earth.

  • Map of the Great Change

    An update on the human project.

  • Noema

    Content | Thought | Perception

  • Human Health & Wellbeing

    How to create an optimal human experience.

  • Beyond Capitalism

    Thinking beyond what capitalism is and its impact.

  • Carta

    What you need to know, visualized.

  • Post Extractive Society

    How we can move past mining.

  • Resist

    Protecting our wild lands.

  • Regeneration, The Reset

    How we can fix all the damage from the industrial revolution.

  • Euphoria

    The pattern of love and joy that permeates the cosmos.

  • Schmidzone

    Deep discussions on the human condition.

  • Human

    On being human, and how to be resilient and help others be the same.

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