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Jason Box on Climate

"The changes in the Arctic are not subtle."

about Jason Box

Jason Box is professor in glaciology at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland. He has made more than 20 expeditions to Greenland since 1994, has spent more than one year on Greenland ice as a result of these expeditions, was for five consecutive years (2008-2012) the lead author of the Greenland section of NOAA's annual State of the Climate report, was a contributing author to the IPCC AR4, and has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed publications focused on ice climate interactions. He is also one of the members of the team doing field work for the Extreme Ice Survey and has led the Dark Snow Project, the first Internet crowd-funded Arctic expedition. In addition, he is the former chair of the cryosphere focus group of the American Geophysical Union, of which he is a member.

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