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The 11th Hour Archives

"We are the generation that gets to change the world, forever."

about the 11th Hour

the 11th Hour premiered in cannes 2007

What appears above is a series of interviews with remarkable people of deep knowledge and wisdom in their fields. These interviews were conducted between 2005 - 2007 as background for The 11th Hour film.  At the time, during the Bush White house era, global warming/climate change was hotly debated and the purpose of the film was to explain climate change and the state of global ecosystems.  We also discussed the deeper reasons why humanity created such a disaster and ways to correct our course.  As such, we set about interviewing over 70 people to find out the answers and the result was this incredible collection of interviews.  Only bits of these interviews were used for The 11th Hour and as each interview is often an hour long or more, very important knowledge that can be helpful for many, has yet to be viewed.  As such, we are putting these interviews online for educational purposes and is free to the public.  Please explore this archive that is full of treasures that shows us the way to a sustainable future. We are deeply thankful to all who participated.  


- Leila Conners


Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio
Directed by Leila Conners & Nadia Conners 
Produced by Leila Conners, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chuck Castleberry, Brian Gerber
Executive Producers Irmelin DiCaprio


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