Bringing Back the Night Sky

We can bring back the night skies and our connection to the cosmos by simply changing the lights. The International Dark Sky Association has all the answers.


Transform your town

It is possible to see the Milky Way again from all our towns and cities. Learn how.

(Artificial light which is known as light pollution can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife, and our climate. One of the many ways you can make your town a night sky town is by minimizing the light at night and only use when and where it's needed.​)

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Learn how to change the lights

Here's how you can help be part of the solution from your home. Here's the IDA database of products

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Become a pro at looking at the stars

Be part of a global community that is helping scientists measure and study light pollution. There are several ways to help. No experience necessary!

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Go to the darkest places to see the most stars

All dark skies are not equal, find out where the darkest places are, and they are usually in our national parks. Here are a couple of links to help you find your way there. IDA -> Sky and Telescope ->

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Support the dark sky movement

It’s amazing what a committed group of people can get done. Our chapter volunteers work hard to get the message out, and they always need more helping hands. Find out if there’s an IDA chapter in your area. No chapter nearby? Then find some like-minded folks and start one

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