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About N2K

N2K is a platform that follows pressing issues of our time, and then provides solutions and action steps so that people can engage in creating a world that works.  The site is organized by topic so that you can do four things:  you can view, you can do/take action, you can discuss the issues in our groups, and  you can purchase goods that relate to the topics on the site.  N2K currently has two ways to navigate our material, via subject and by map view.  We will add other ways to engage in our second edition of the site.

In our world in chaos and transition, we understand that there is a deluge of information that is often confusing and misleading.  Even before fake news and the deep fake, it was difficult.   Now, we understand that the time calls for a platform/channel that lights the pathway forward to a world that works.  N2K is created by Tree Media, a production company that has long been in the business of working with innovators, world leaders and visionaries who are working to create solutions to pressing problems like climate disruption, justice and respect for first nations, the crisis in democracy, loss of beauty and the night sky, war and peace, destruction/resilience, black lives matter, the collapse of pollinators and so many other challenges that create opportunities for the new world to emerge.   This is the platform that will track and follow all of these stories, and we are fiercely independent -- always have been, always will be.  Any collaboration with known entities was with the subject matter and the truth at the core of our priorities. 

So, welcome to N2K, and join us in learning about the world, sharing your understanding of it, and helping forge a pathway to a world that works. 

Our point of view

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