Welcome to N2K Volume 1!  You have arrived here in our beta as we are working through our site prior to our formal launch.  Please join us as we build this community.  During the beta period, the  Community membership allows people to access the entire site for free and if you become an N2K Early Adopter, you also get access to our full-length feature documentaries.  Otherwise you  can rent on a one-off basis.  With the community membership you can create profiles, participate in our discussion forums, message other members and join our workgroups.  We look forward to you joining us!


Going forward, after launch, N2K will release content in "editions." So like a book or a specialty magazine, N2K editions will be visual experiences of content and information.  N2K's editorial filter aims to help people understand the current global landscape so that we can all create a world that works.  New editions will be created and launched as the content becomes available. 

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