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Democracy in the United States



"We need to make sustainable and healthy communities legal."


The Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights is  building a global movement to advance the rights of nature into law.

Image by Kunal Shinde

about democracy in the United states

Democracy in the United States is an 8- part presentation on how we can better exercise our democracy as citizens of the United States. We are living in a time wherein corporations are writing our laws and electing our politicians. They have control over many state houses and much of Congress. As such, we, the people, are unable to protect ourselves or our communities from corporate harm. Thomas Linzey, Senior Councel for the Center for Democratic & Environmental Rights (CDER) presents a pathway forward and tells us what the problem is and how we can fix it. As we know, much of what is necessary is that we much break through the years of programming that has been telling us that there is nothing wrong with how things are set up. This series shows where our system is breaking down and where we can fix it. This series is created by Tree Media ( ) for N2K - Need to Know.


Presented by Thomas Linzey
Directed by Leila Conners
Produced by Mathew Schmid


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