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Image by Qingbao Meng

Reversing Climate Disruption

"If we can save the world, then why don't we do it."

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What if, we, as a global community, don't wait for the politicians, the banks, investors, the larger corporations, who, if they DID step in to solve this crisis, it would be great; but, what if, we just get about the business and solve this problem ourselves, together. We can, as a global community help reverse climate disruption by drawing down excess carbon in the atmosphere.  To do so, and as a start, we have chosen projects that will plant TREES, create BIOCHAR, plant KELP FORESTS and install DIRECT AIR CAPTURE MACHINES that will turn carbon into stone. 


GreenWave’s polyculture farming system grows a mix of seaweeds and shellfish that require zero inputs—making it the most sustainable form of food production on the planet—while sequestering carbon and rebuilding reef ecosystems. Since our farms sit vertically below the surface, they produce high yields with a small footprint. With a low barrier to entry, anyone with 20 acres, a boat, and $20-50K can start their own farm.


Climeworks is in it for the long run and wants to do their part in reversing climate change. By climate relevant we mean capturing billions of tons of carbon dioxide from the air per year. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, humanity needs to remove around 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide from the air every year by mid-century.  Direct air capture can play a significant role in achieving this. And we need you to make this happen! Together, we can inspire 1 billion people to remove carbon dioxide from the air. Together, we can build a climate-positive future for generations to come.

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